Cornish Misery

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So these were a few of the pics taken whilst I was on holiday in Cornwall and I have to say, as nice as it was down there, it has brought about some of the most challenging thoughts that I have had in a while. Without the strict routine that I have become so used to,  I somewhat fell apart and have been struggling a lot since. More than once since then I have broken down and my thoughts surrounding eating have been far stronger.

In order to cope with these, I have found it extremely important and useful to engage in the activities that inspire me and make things easier. I may become more stressed at a later date but for me, it is most important to take a little bit of time for myself to prevent a breakdown or worse.

Take time to enjoy the things you love. Those things that you need to do; they won’t always make you happy.

“Small things have a way of overmastering the great. This small press can destroy a kingdom” – Sonya Levien


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