A little something I had written a few years ago…my mentality has improved quite a bit since then, probably. I dunno, but this may be triggering??


She’d spent much of her life watching others; their happiness, anger, agony, joy. All of it. In her years, she had supported many; though she had failed to care for herself. Her body lay in disrepair; hair and nails, brittle from malnourishment, deep bruise-like marks shadowed her eyes from sleepless nights, and a ocean of self-loathing buried within herself.

She was at the edge; she just needed to know one thing. She approached slowly, eyes wide, almost innocent. There was no turning back. Her weak legs halted, barely supporting her small weight.

She looked into the eyes of her beholder, their eyes so full of life, the opposite of her’s. Swallowing, she tried to rid herself of the lump in her throat, to no avail. She asked the question, plunging into the dark abyss, hoping, praying, that she would be saved.

Rejection fell from their lips. She was drowning, lost and unable to breathe.

She was gone.

She knew now, what she had to do. She was sure of it. There was nothing tying her; nothing restraining her from her future.

With a solemn smile gracing her face, she turned and left.

Her corpse was found the next day; a mangled mess from the fall, bones ripping the delicate skin and flesh apart.

No one cried.

People were happier, and time carried on.


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