Faux Friends

Imagine this; a girl, barely fourteen and believing everything in her life is finally going alright. She has a good group of friends and is able to eat whatever she feels like without concern.

Imagine this; the girl finding out that someone she had called a close friend, a good friend, possibly even a best friend; hated her.

What happens next? She falls apart. A change in friends. The next don’t want her either, so she moves along again. The next time, they support her, sort of. Maybe she starts to feel a bit better, but she’s eating less; her self-esteem is beyond fried.

That girl though, the one that hates, she’s doing so well. The other, she retreats within herself.

It’s not her friend’s fault. She herself must have done something wrong to have caused this dislike to be put upon her. Was she too annoying? Not pretty enough? Or perhaps, she just wasn’t good enough? She doesn’t know. So instead she isolates herself.

She can’t keep friends.

The girl alone; she is me.

“There is nothing more on this Earth more to be prized than true friendship” – Thomas Aquinas

This happened several years ago, and perhaps if there weren’t other things that happened in my past, I would have been able to get past this, but alas, they did, and I find myself stuck in the past.


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