Unbreakable Routines

These routines are possibly some of the worst to deal with. Due to a lack of spontaneity within myself, I find myself slave to many of them. On some days, even considering ignorance of these routines can destroy my days. In order to combat these I need to find other methods in which I can motivate myself into doing anything. In the case of today; it’s writing this.

To me these routines give me a sense of control that I lack in many other aspects of my life; though a furious downside is that they can also help to contribute to more difficult recoveries in other areas. I know it is hard to kick these routines, and I myself, fearing change, struggle immensely with it; but what it can take to start the changes is to look into yourself and ask ‘am I really in control?’ as not only have these routines dominated my life, but they have also closed my mind further to change. Unfortunately, simply finding the courage and motivation to ask questions can be immensely difficult, and as such, change is harder to start.

Though, to most routine may not be damaging, but to some it can be detrimental, and in some ways, life destroying. In some, it can go so far as to become a preventative in change in medications which could significantly alter standards of life; because these routines can develop and magnify a fear to change.

“Fear of change

is like standing under a hot shower

knowing the moment you’ll turn it off

you’ll be freezing cold” – Eric Tanghe


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